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The 2008 edition of FOSDEM (the Free and Open source Software Developers' Europe Meeting) will take place at the ULB, Brussels, Belgium over the weekend of February 23-24 2008.

Here is the plan for the Jabber/XMPP community...

We don't have a FOSDEM "devroom" this year so we will focus on a booth at FOSDEM on Saturday. Jabberites will also be encouraged to attend various FOSDEM talks on Saturday.

On Sunday and Monday we will hold a "devcon" at the Atlas Hotel in Brussels. Join the devcon list to discuss.

If you want to help out with the booth or attend the devcon, leave your name below. If you do not have an account at this wiki, contact Alexander Gnauck and he will create an account for you.


Jabber Booth at FOSDEM 2005

The booth is a great way to talk to people interested in our technologies. If you are interested in manning the booth (if only for a few hours), contact Ralph Meijer.

Booth volunteers:

  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Alexander Gnauck
  • Florian Jensen
  • Edwin Mons
  • Solarius
  • Christ van Willegen

XMPP Devcon

If you would like to participate in the XMPP devcon, please leave your name below.

  • Alexander Gnauck (AG Software / XSF Board)
  • Dafydd Harries (Collabora / OLPC)
  • Florian Jensen ( / XSF)
  • Claus E. Krämer (
  • Robert McQueen (Collabora / OLPC)
  • Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab / XMPP Council)
  • Edwin Mons (iRex Technologies)
  • Mickaël Rémond (Process-one / XSF Board)
  • Peter Saint-Andre (XSF)
  • Jakob Schröter (gloox)
  • Kevin Smith (Psi / XMPP Council)
  • Solarius
  • Pavel Šimerda
  • Artur Hefczyc (Tigase)
  • Adam Nemeth
  • Fabio Forno ( / ISMB)
  • Alessandro Malgaroli (
  • Philippe Sultan (INRIA / XSF)
  • Henri Bergius ( /
  • Jerry Jalava ( /
  • Jérôme Sautret (Process-one)

XMPP Devcon Discussion Topics

If you want to lead a discussion on a certain topic or even make a presentation, please add it to the list below.

  • Jabber deployment challenges at an ISP -- Claus E. Krämer and Florian Jensen (
  • XMPP ICA report -- Peter Saint-Andre
  • Making secure federation happen on the XMPP network -- Peter Saint-Andre
  • Extending an event-driven middleware using pubsub -- Alessadro Malgaroli (Bluendo)
  • "XMPP Widgets", using Jabber for controlling remote UI snippets -- Fabio Forno (Bluendo/ISMB)

Other Events

On the evening of Friday February 22 we will join the world-famous FOSDEM Beer Event -- don't miss out on that!

We will also hold a dinner on Sunday, February 24 for devcon participants.


Join the devcon-discuss list for more frequent updates.


We will stay at the Atlas Hotel. It's located at Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 30 in Brussels close to the city center.

The XMPP Standards Foundation will pay the hotel costs of any XSF member who participates in the devcon. The XSF may ask that you share a room with another XSF member, but we will pay for up to four nights' stay at the Atlas hotel.

Room shares and room reservations for XSF members.

room XSF member date arrival date departure nights
1 Edwin Mons Feb 22nd Feb 26th 4
Ralph Meijer Feb 22nd Feb 26th 4
2 Christ van Willegen (cvwillegen AT Feb 22nd Feb 24th 2
Solarius Feb 22th Feb 24th 2
3 Philippe Sultan Feb 24th Feb 25th 1
Adam Nemeth Feb 22nd Feb 26th 4
4 Jakob Schröter Feb 22nd Feb 26th 4
Peter Saint-Andre Feb 22nd Feb 26th 4
5 Jérôme Sautret Feb 22nd Feb 24th 2

For non XSF members the room rates are:

single room double room
Midweek Monday to Thursday 115,- € 130,- €
Weekend rate (all Fridays Saturdays Sundays) 75,- € 85,- €

Breakfast and taxes included.
Free wireless Internet.