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The 2008 edition of the Free and Open source Software Developers' Europe Meeting will take place at the ULB, Brussels, Belgium in the weekend of February 23-24 February 2008.

The Jabber/XMPP community will be present:

  • A Jabber booth (location?)

Additionally, there is a XMPP summit on 1.5 days at a Hotel in Brussels. More details coming soon.

1/2 day on Sunday 24 February
1 day on Monday 25 February


Jabber Booth at FOSDEM 2005

A great way to talk to people interested in our technologies. If you are interested in manning the booth (if only for a few hours), contact Ralph Meijer.

Booth people:

  • add your name here


On the evening of Friday February 22 we will join the world-famous FOSDEM Beer Event -- don't miss out on that!


If you plan on visiting FOSDEM, leave your name and when you plan to attend.

  • Alexander Gnauck

If you do not have an account at this wiki, contact Alexander Gnauck and he will put you on the list.