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This page lists the topics that are on the horizon for the XSF's Board of Directors.


XEP-0001 Revisions

The XSF's standards process is defined in XEP-0001, which has been provisionally updated to incorporate several small corrections and process improvements. Because XEP-0001 is under the purview of the Board (not the Council), these changes must be approved by the Board. A diff between version 1.19 and version 1.20rc2 can be found at:

Note Well

The XSF needs to define a "note well" statement for participation on XSF mailing lists and chatrooms, similar to as used by the IETF.

Website Updates

The Communications Team is working to update the XSF's website, with oversight from the Board. See the CommTeam page for details.


The Board is working to better define the XSF's sponsorship program, including:

  • Who is a sponsor now?
  • When does their sponsorship run out?
  • What benefits do we entice new/existing sponsors with?


Bear applied as org admin.

Next meeting


2010-03-10 18:00 UTC/GMT

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