Arne-Bruen Vogelsang Application 2024

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Hi, I'm Arne-Brün Vogelsang. I'm using XMPP since 2020, when I started to set up a XMPP Server with Prosody for the project monocles ( ). I also created monocles chat a fork of the Android apps Conversations and with many changes to improve the UI and usability.

I spend much time for the monocles project to bring open source tools, apps and services closer to people. Before that I worked at an environmental research lab and learned a lot about the problems caused by the energy consumption through tracking, advertisement and inefficient software and hardware.

I believe XMPP is the fairest chat protocol and I try to bring it to more people to use it. Soon I hope to get more time to help improving prosody or add some features. I'm also very interested in hosting of services to make it more eco-friendly therefore I've build up a little data center and a solar system. Because prosody uses very few resources I believe XMPP is also the best choice to reduce resource consumption and protect privacy and security of peoples communications. [Since the end of last year monocles is also offering privacy friendly mobile phones preinstalled with the XMPP client monocles chat. I hope soon more phones will come preinstalled with a XMPP client.] I also started to make a XMPP blocklist and whitelist.

For the monocles project I've won a start-up award 2021 and another one in 2022 from my university ( ) ( )

I’m reapplying because I want to improve XMPP and especially make it more known and widely used.

E-Mail: arne-bruen [at]

XMPP: arne-bruen [at]