Arc Riley Application 2011

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Contact Information

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I've been contributing to the free software community for the past 16 years.

Today I'm a officer and member in the Python Software Foundation and maintain several software projects working with Gnome, Python, and XMPP.


  • Maintainer of three copyleft projects that work with XMPP;
    • PySoy, a copyleft 3d game engine. The engine's included networking support is being based around XMPP for player chat and server discovering, Jingle ICE-UDP for network games.
    • Concordance, an in-development XMPP service framework for Python
    • Freeform, a XMPP/BOSH-based webapp framework and CMS for Python being developed along with Concordance
  • Present to local software groups on XMPP

Ohloh summarizes my other contributes at

Future Plans

Continue work on XMPP/Jingle-based game networking and the XMPP-based CMS for building web apps with XMPP.

Why I want to renew my membership

I'm an advocate of XMPP and continue to keep my eye open for more ways to contribute to the community.