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I am a self employed dba AG-Software. I met the Jabber protocol in the year 2001. I fell in love with Jabber/XMPP immediately, and working now for over 2 decades with Jabber/XMPP technologies.

  • Since 2001 I'm programming, contributing, consulting and promoting Jabber/XMPP.
  • Since 2003 I'm a member of the XSF
  • I served the XSF board in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Since 2006 I am acting as the XSF secretary

Active Jabber/XMPP Projects

over many years I was building XMPP libraries for dotnet which are being used by many companies for building their XMPP based software in many different industries.

  • XmppDotNet is the sucessor of the previous MatriX libraries. Its dual licensed, GPL or commercial.
  • MatriX is a set of commercial XMPP libraries for the Microsoft .NET Framework written in managed c# oode.

When I was getting involved with Jabber over 20 years ago I was devloping custom clients and was one of the maintainers of the myJabber client. I enjoy the UI and frontend development a lot, even I have done mostly backend and component stuff in the previous years. Currently I am working on a new cross platform client which will be hopefully released one day as open source. So stay tuned ;-)


  • I try to help newbies and other developers whenever possible.
  • I try to convince individuals and cooperates from the XMPP technologies for IM or real-time collaboration business applications.
  • My name is on no XEP yet, but I try to contribute by implementing XEPs in code and give feedback.

Why I'm reapplying

  • I want to contribute with my activities and long time XMPP experience to the XSF.

Contact Information

  • Jid: alex at palaver dot im
  • Email: gnauck at gmail dot com