Alexander Gnauck Application 2008

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I am 34 years old software developer located in Germany (Heilbronn). I met the jabber protocol in the year 2001, and the technology convinced me from the 1st day.

Since 2001 I'm programming, contributing and promoting XMPP. Since 2003 I'm a member of the JSF, currently I'm serving the XMPP board and took over the secretary duties in 2006.

Active Jabber/XMPP Projects

  • agsXMPP SDK - cross platform open source (GPL or commercial) XMPP SDK written in c# for .NET

Admin Work

  • I'm one of the admins of the jXSF servers.


  • I try to help newbies and other developers whenever possible.
  • I try to convince individuals and cooperates from the XMPP technologies for IM or real-time collobration business applications.
  • My name is on no XEP yet, but I try to prove the XEPs and protocols with source code. I contribute to the protocols while implementing them, and discussions on the mailing lists or directly with the authors.

Why I'm reapplying

  • I want to contribute with my activities and long time XMPP experience to the XSF.
  • Bring more XMPP applications on mobile devices and cell phones.

Contact Information

  • Jid:
  • Email: