Adrien Bourmault Application 2023

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My name is Adrien Bourmault and I am reapplying for membership in the XSF.




About me

I am a free software activist: maintainer of the GNU Boot project, associate member of the FSF and former contributor of the Free Software Directory where I maintained the Conversations XMPP client page, also co-founder of the Libre en Communs non-profit which promotes and acts for free software in France notably by providing its computing infrastructure to projects.

I am operating a free and ethical XMPP service through Libre en Communs: Chalec.

I'm also a student in a master of computer science, soon PhD student in processor and integrated circuit architecture/firmwares, and I teach on the time I have left. My field is hardware oriented, and this is where GNU Boot came from.

Also I speak French (the best cryptosystem ever !), and a bit German (etwas rostig...)

About my nick

My nick name is neox.

It does not have any meaning, except that I carry that nick for a long time and it probably finds its inspiration in the Matrix trilogy.


  • GNU, as maintainer of GNU Boot
  • Sorbonne Université , as a student
  • Libre en Communs , as treasurer/board member and IT infrastructure manager, also in charge of the Chalec project

My XMPP projects and activities

I have been an XMPP service operator for a long time. The first service I opened to the public was (it no longer exists) and that was in 2017.

I was one of the operators of the service, within the french association April, and I left those functions in 2020.

I am currently the operator of the service (the XMPP service of Libre en Communs, used for the activities of the association), and (service open to the general public).

I am also the main translator of the monthly XMPP newsletter for the French language, jointly published on the LinuxFR and JabberFR websites.

I help and motivate people to move their chat activities from GAFAM and co. to join decentralized networks. I generally help people join XMPP when it is relevant to their use case.

I sometimes contribute to XMPP-related free software, such as ejabberd where I created a new captcha script (called next-gen).

I'm also contributing to GNU Guix when it comes to update the XMPP packages (such as Gajim or Dino).

Through Libre en Communs, I regularly give conferences on free software and in particular XMPP, I explain the characteristics of the protocol and how it is decentralized, and I explain in particular the principles behind OMEMO and how it works.

My interest in XMPP

I'm interested in free software, decentralization, user empowerment, and freedom in general, and XMPP helps us bring these ideas to some life. Also, I do like this community very much.