Neil Stratford Application 2010

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Mandatory Information

My Jid

My primary JID is:

My Email Address

I have two main email addresses: is my work address and is my personal address.


I am currently an Engineer with Voxeo having previously founded ClackPoint, a real-time collaboration platform that was recently acquired by Voxeo. Piror to ClackPoint I worked in a variety of research and product roles in the area of real-time communication in both small and large companies.

XMPP Related Activity

  • Founder of ClackPoint, a real-time text, voice and video platform that makes extensive use of XMPP internally.
  • Lead developer/architect for Karaka, the open source Skype XEP-0100 gateway.
  • Developer of a proprietary embedded XMPP/Jingle implementation used in a desk phone
  • Technical lead/architect of a mobile instant messaging solution

Why the XSF?

I'd like to get involved in helping to shape the future of XMPP and it's uses beyond traditional messaging.

In particular I'm interested in helping the Technical Review team.