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My name is Matthew Wild, I am a working, part-time student and fan of Jabber in the United Kingdom.

Relationship with Jabber/XMPP

My work producing producing plugins for Miranda IM led me to discover Miranda's Jabber plugin. Having discovered this hackable protocol, I soon became one of the main testers, and eventually I found myself submitting patches to improve the plugin.

My involvement in the Miranda project sadly ceased when I switched to a Free operating system, on which Miranda is not available.

My search for a decent cross-platform Jabber library led me to gloox. It was with gloox that I created a bot (HAL/xepbot in the jabber/jdev MUCs respectively) which can be scripted using Lua. I later made a server component the same way. It allows creation of server components using Lua, which makes for very rapid development, great for testing.

This component led me to make a simple MUC server, which grew to be a text-based virtual world (the kind from the old text adventure games). Fun, indeed.

I am an active member of the community, having been following the mailing lists and idling in the MUCs for several years.

My long-term objective is to infiltrate every project I possibly can with Jabber and Lua.

Summer of Code

During the summer of 2007 I worked on gloox, successfully implementing support for BOSH (XEP-0124 & XEP-0206). My work now allows clients using gloox to connect to Jabber servers from restrictive network environments.


Jabber: Email: (please use the latter only if necessary :) )

Blog: Matthew's Technology Blog