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I am 34 years old software engineer. I got graduated in Italy in 2001 ate "Politecnico di Torino" and in the USA in 2000;
at the University of Illinois at Chicago; later I had my PHD at the "Politecnico di Torino". I am now reapplying for XSF Membership


I have been developing for years using many different languages with C-based syntax (C+,C++,C#,JAVA, etc...)
which I used in many client side applications, python (especially dealing with Twisted frameworks) when
developing server side applications and XMPP components.

Actual occupation

I live in Torino and am one of the co-founders of Bluendo together with Fabio Forno
and Alessandro Malgaroli.
I am one of the developer of a JAVA light-weight XMPP library that we use in many mobile devices (J2ME, Android, etc.).
The library is used in Lampiro ( an open source mobile XMPP client for J2ME phones.
The aim of this project is to have a mobile client that adheres to the XMPP core and, completely or partially, to many XEPs (XEP-0004, XEP-0045, XEP-0050, XEP-0234, ...).
It can be downloaded from here; the client shows how XMPP can be used not only for instant messaging
but even for file sharing, social stuff applications, news and mail reading, remotize services from servers to many clients.
Lampiro has been used to build Glider ( an advanced XMPP client used for chatting and for accessing buying and commercial services; it employs our implementation of E2E encryption to vehiculate data.
Eventually I am one of the developers involved in programming our XMPP to XMPP gateway in python/twisted


I am particularly interested in the optimizations for mobile and resource costrained clients and XEPs addressing them.
Moreover I am employing XMPP to provide mobile clients with a complete tool able to present many different types of services (news, service remoting, file transfer, multimedia files, social application, cohoperative jobs, gaming ...). Thus my interest in the XSF.

Why I am reapplying

I would like to:

  • share my experience and feedbacks in developing and testing XEPs dealing with XMPP optimizations (especially
    in the mobile field of application)
  • participate in the discussions related to mobile and pubsub XEPs both the still existing and the future ones.
  • help XMPP to integrate with external services and new fields (games, social applications, interaction with pre-existing services)
  • help in spreading the use of XMPP so it can become the standard in mobile applications protocol

Contact Information

company name: Bluendo