Boris Mann Application 2006

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My name is Boris Mann. This is my application to be a member of the Jabber Software Foundation.

Jabber/XMPP Projects


  • I write about and promote Jabber/XMPP on my weblog; see the Jabber or XMPP listings for all posts
  • I invited Jabber community members to attend the first Barcamp Amsterdam in 2005, and collaborated with Ralph Meijer on teaching people about the potential of the XMPP protocol
  • I gave my first "official" presentation at FOSDEM 2006 along with Ralph Meijer -- an intro to Jabber that combined my enthusiasm and ideas for what the XMPP protocol can be used for with Ralph's deep technical knowledge of all aspects of the protocol
  • I continue to advocate for and educate people about XMPP at conferencesl; upcoming confirmed sessions include Barcamp Toronto and the Mesh Conference (May 2006), and Euro OSCON / Barcamp Brussels (September 2006)

Future plans

  • My company, Bryght, considers Jabber/XMPP to be one of the three areas of technology that it will continue to focus on (the other two are the Drupal platform and Identity solutions)
  • Bryght will be releasing a Jabber integration component for Drupal
  • Work with the Jabber community on JEPs/standards around profiles (i.e. an official, standards-based implementation of vCard-in-XML) and identity systems

Why I'm applying

I would like to "officially" help represent and promote the JSF at conferences, etc. I would like to increase my participation in the Jabber community and help evangelize the use and implementation of the protocol.

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