Yvo Meeres Application 2019

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My name is Eevvor - Yvo Meeres and I am applying for membership in the XSF.

About me

I am a research fellow in computer science and neuro science and have worked at different universities and research institutes.

About my nick

eevvoor is an english spelling of yvo plus an r. Handwritten it reminds of error. Since I am very good to run into bugs in any SW, HW or real life.

My XMPP projects

Socially: I try to convince people moving away their chat activities from the global players and have to be careful to not act like a religious missionare.

Technically I started a XEP draft for querying audio and video resources in a sophisticated manner. https://github.com/eevvoor/xeps/blob/xep_cqp/inbox/cqp.xml I do not know whether I will have time to continue this project, but for the moment I try it.

XMPP - Why I love it

I am interested in FLOSS, encryption and decentralisation. Thus obviously I love XMPP.


jid eevvoor jabber fr

mail eevvoor mailbox org