Yvo Meeres Application 2019

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My name is Eevvor - Yvo Meeres and I am applying for membership in the XSF.

About me

I am a research fellow in computer science and neuro science and have worked at different universities and research institutes.

My XMPP projects

Socially: I try to convince people moving away teir chat activities from the global players and have to be careful to not act like a religious missionare.

Technically I started a XEP draft for querying audio and video resources in a sophisticated manner. https://github.com/eevvoor/xeps/blob/xep_cqp/inbox/cqp.xml I do not know whether I will have time to continue this project, but for the moment I try it.

XMPP - Why I love it

I am interested in FLOSS, encryption and decentralisation. Thus obviously I love XMPP.


jid: eevvoor@jabber.de mail: eevvoor@mailbox.org