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= Intro =
For information and discussion about the XMPP Summit, visit http://xmpp.org/summit/ and join the [http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/summit summit@xmpp.org list].
The 5th XMPP Summit will be colacted with OSCON in Portland, Oregon, USA on Monday July 21 and Tuesday July 22.

= XMPP Summit =
== Hackathon ==
There's been a lot of interest in doing "more coding than talking" at this years summit. So the Hackathon page is for people to list any projects they're interested in working on while there so people know what's going on and how to meet up with you.

If you would like to participate in the XMPP Summit, please leave your name below.
[[HackathonSummit2008 | Hackathon]]
* Artur Hefczyc
= XMPP Summit Agenda =
= Other Events =
= Communications =
Join the [http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/devcon devcon-discuss list] for more frequent updates.