XMPP Summit 10 Dev Challenge

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Nokia and MobileVikings are again sponsoring the 2nd XMPP Developer's Challenge by offering as the main prize a Nokia N8 phone, as well as demo phones for for the events with mobile internet.

We expect participants to demonstrate their applications on one of the Nokia demo devices or the Nokia QT simulator.

See the Developer Resources links below for details.


  • Coding can start Monday, 31st of January, at midnight GMT
  • All code must be available from a public repository (Gitorious or the like)
  • Code must use the Nokia QT framework
  • Code must use XMPP or the XMPP based Ovi Notifications API.
  • To be judged your application has to be presented (i.e. run on) to the Judges at FOSDEM - so if you're remote, hook up with a proxy :)
  • All decisions by the Judges are final
  • The participants are responsible for any Laws, Fees or Taxes that may be involved by winning