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Information about the XMPP Summit 2010

The ninth XMPP Summit will be held at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon (USA) on Monday July 19 and Tuesday July 20, 2010.

This is a geeky meeting with brainstorming, interop testing, code hacking, lightning talks, and other such activities. There are no introductory tutorials, marketing presentations, or other fluff.


The location is the Oregon Convention Center. There is no preferred hotel, but there are plenty choose from in Portland.

Attendance at the Summit is free and you do not need to register for OSCON in order to participate in the XMPP Summit. OSCON is a great conference and we encourage you to attend! However, if you want to participate only in the XMPP Summit, you MUST sign in for a free "floor pass" with O'Reilly when you arrive at the convention center.


If you would like to participate, add yourself to the list below or post to the summit@xmpp.org discussion list.

  • Steffen Larsen
  • Jack Moffitt
  • Mike Taylor


Agenda to follow. Feel free to suggest topics and activities here, or on the summit@xmpp.org discussion list.

Questions / Contact

For more information and discussion about the XMPP Summit, post to the summit@xmpp.org discussion list.