XMPP Newsletter Round-Up 2020

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Notes from the today's XMPP Newsletter Round-Up 2020

- Easy Onboarding Solution: Open a pad for simple commits.

 - Collect only links, take some Notes
 - Layout etc. can be done later
 - Prevent duplicates in the chat
 - Lower the barrier, maybe have more contributors in the future
 - Place HTTP links to pads in the Chat and GitHub
 - Suggestions for Pads? https://pad.foebud.org/   https://yopad.eu/  ?

- Keep on going with the Tweets!

 - Fosstodon already has **a third** of the Twitter subscribers!
 - Matrix is also doing a lot there.

- Build a library of blogs, news pages like Planet Jabber

- Our wishes for 2021:

 - Monal 5.0
 - Proper inter-connection (bridges) to Matrix
 - OMEMO 2.0 / 1.1 (Whatever: The new OMEMO!)
 - Show a better organizations chart of the XSF (emus)

- Let's try quarterly meetings!