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Alphabetical list of Jabber Hosting possibilities:
{| class="wikitable sortable"
* Dreamhost - http://dreamhost.com/hosting-features.html#jabber Jabber is included in the hosting plan
* Flosoft.biz - http://www.flosoft.biz/products/jabber/ dedicated or virtual jabber servers
!Minimum Cost
* Google Apps - http://www.google.com/apps/  
* Hosted.im - http://hosted.im/ Service provided by ProccessOne. Free up to 10 users.
* Itonix - http://itonix.com/service/jabber.html private domain Jabber service
|[https://account.conversations.im/domain/ Conversations.im]
* openmessenger.de - http://openmessenger.de/ private & enterprise IM solutions (dead?)
|12 €/year
* tiggersWelt.net - http://tiggerswelt.net/Jabber individual webhosting with Jabber option
* [http://unitedinternet.de/ United Internet] brands offer a Jabber service for mail customers
* Venue Communications - http://www.venuecom.com/hosting/jabber/ for corporate users
|[https://jabber.hot-chilli.net/jabber-hosting/ Hot-Chilli.net]
** GMX Messenger - http://service.gmx.net/de/cgi/g.fcgi/products/messenger
|1 €/month
** Web.de Messenger - http://messenger.web.de
See also: [[Jabber Hosting Possibilities/Comparison]]
|[https://jabberfr.org/hébergement/ JabberFR]
|You are encouraged to adhere to the association.
|[https://snikket.org/hosting/ Snikket.org]
|[https://snikket.org/hosting/#how-much-does-the-service-cost Not yet announced]
|Currently in beta, request access via email.
|[https://docs.tigase.net/tigase-server/master-snapshot/Administration_Guide/html/#_using_ad_hoc_commands xmpp.cloud]
|Service provided by [https://tigase.net/ Tigase].
|[https://xmpp-hosting.com/ XMPP-Hosting.com]
|1.89 €/month
|Service provided by [https://wiuwiu.de/ wiuwiu.de]. All in German.  

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Provider Minimum Cost Comments
Conversations.im 12 €/year
Hot-Chilli.net 1 €/month
JabberFR free You are encouraged to adhere to the association.
Snikket.org Not yet announced Currently in beta, request access via email.
xmpp.cloud free Service provided by Tigase.
XMPP-Hosting.com 1.89 €/month Service provided by wiuwiu.de. All in German.