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Name: Wojciech Kapcia
e-mail/JID: wojtek@tigase.org
Location: Chile


My journey with XMPP started more than a decade ago while looking for alternatives to limited, proprietary solutions available at that time. I stumbled against Jabber/XMPP and after some digging quickly figured out that it was what I was looking for - open, extensible and interoperable. At the beginning I mostly concentrated on user side, promotion of protocol wherever I could as well as providing helping hand to whomever needed such. A few years ago - 2010, I become involved with Tigase and I am till this day. In 2011 I attended XMPP Summit in Brussels, Belgium.

Last year in Tigase/XMPP:

  • work on automatic server testing,
  • polishing sure.im XMPP web client,
  • lots of bugs fixed in Tigase.

XMPP Related Activities

Most of my current activities revolve mostly around server side Tigase:

  • finding and fixing bugs thus improving compatibility with XMPP specs and general interoperability;
  • building, packaging, releasing; nightly builds,
  • TTS-NG work - test cases, automatic daily tests,
  • promotion and help with XMPP.

XMPP - Why I like it

I like XMPP because of it's openness and flexibility which allows freely choose from abundance of software (both server as well as client) and services without sacrificing interoperability. It also allows contributing back.