Winfried Tilanus Application 2021

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Obligated items

Full name: Winfried Tilanus

Jabber ID:

e-mail address:

Company name:

Consider this before voting for me

Last year I said you could expect the following from me:

  • Continuation of my lobby for XMPP in Dutch healthcare - check, XMPP is accepted as the interoperability standard for IM in Dutch healthcare. We are now in the process of formalizing and publicising it, making it defacto a mandatory standard. Still lots of follow-up to do.
  • Talks on XMPP at FOSDEM and other conferences, participation in sprints etc... - not done, I prefer to attend such meetings face to face and some virus made everything virtual.
  • Some brainfarting contributions on security and (end-to-end)encryption - oh, yeah! Did some nice research on dual-certificate setups.
  • Some strong opinions on legal issues: because I am not lawyer but do I know a bit about legal stuff, I can shout without liability problems - I'm still not sued, but haven't voiced many legal opinions within the XSF either.
  • Where possible contributions on publicity / SCAM - not done.
  • My careful consideration when asked for any job in the XSF: I must be able to fit it in my complex chaotic schedule, but I am prepared to take on anything... - check :-D

I'm pretty content about the past year, I met a considerable part of my goals, more then usual. So I am planning to continue the way I do.

If you want to know more about me

After quitting my SAAS for IM in healthcare several years a ago, I haven't done any serious XMPP implementation stuff anymore. So what did I do? Researching and designing distributed privacy-friendly and secure IT systems and exchange standards in healthcare. And for some reason XMPP keeps popping up there as one of the best options for real time communication. So I am still promoting XMPP and trying to help the XMPP community to get XMPP in such a shape that it is a good option for my use cases (not much to do there). In general I can say there is very strong but not really recognized usecase for real time and push data exchange in healthcare that is mixing human interaction and IoT devices. XMPP is perfectly suited for that.