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I'm Vinod Panicker (doniv), and I love the way "xmpp" looks in Arial lowercase. Interests include technology, motorcycling and photography.


I'm 26, Male and working as a Project Leader with Geodesic Information Systems Ltd. in Mumbai, India. Around the 6 years I've been with this company, I've worked on Messaging products all along. Once xmpp became a standard, I've been lobbying for adoption across different products. I'm also planning to make a current product - IMaround - xmpp compliant.

Contributions to xmpp

Since the past year, I've been implementing an xmpp server that meets the needs of the organization. We're in the process of testing s2s right now, and once thats done, I'll let ppl know. It's a fully compliant release (atleast I like to think so), and also meets the requirements of Basic IM Protocol Suite. We've also got an implementation of the Jingle JEP's completed, with support for RAP as well. We are underway with xmpp implementations on various mobile platforms that will use the xmpp server for VoIP signalling using Jingle as well.

During the implementation of the server, I came across quite a few issues that needed clarifications and / or inclusion in rfc3920bis and rfc3921bis. I've been taking a pedantic view of the RFC's on purpose - this avoids assumptions that cause issues later during interoperability. Consequently, I've been pretty persistent with my issues and a constant irritant as well.

I'm looking forward to discussions on the RFC modifications - since I've gone through an implementation cycle, I'm better equipped to discuss issues.

Other contributions

I'm a strong believer in Open Source and contribute whenever and however I can. I see Open Source as the future of Software Development. Projects I've been active in -

  • MINA - A Java based NIO framework for network enabled applications. I've contributed towards SSL implementations, benchmarks and feedback.
  • DPML Metro - Earlier known as Apache Avalon. I was earlier contributing to the documentation effort.

Vision for xmpp

  • More efficient server federation - Maybe the JSF can take on the role of a CA to issue certificates to valid server installation that want to federate?
  • Better enterprise adoption - Enterprises find Live Communication Server and other products attractive. Why? We know that xmpp is much more powerful. Maybe we need to do some kind of propagation so that enterprises look at xmpp as a better alternative.
  • Wider adoption on mobile devices - Servers with stream compression support and more implementations on mobile devices should help increase the usage of xmpp over other protocols like Wireless Village
  • More client components - I was searching for a library implementation on a Windows platform with minimum dependencies and wasn't happy with what was on offer. If nothing works out, then I'm thinking of starting work on a Windows COM DLL (OSS, of course) that will be xmpp compliant, but without any major dependencies apart from whatever is necessary. (Update 12/01 - Just stumbled upon JabberCOM. This should do the trick!)
  • Excellent VoIP support - I think that xmpp has great potential for being *the* standard when it comes to Real Time Communication. This would mean that Jingle has to mature and get more adoption. Also, there are other dependencies to having a great RTC system, such as STUN, TURN and ICE. We need to make sure that Jingle works seamlessly across all these.
  • Support for end-to-end encryption - Something that is sorely needed, since RFC 3923 hasn't found many takers.


JID : vinod at (server under test - might go wonky from time to time)
Email : vinod.p at / vinod at