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Hi, This is my application to serve on XMPP Council in the 2020/21 term.

About me

Read about me on my user page.

Council Candidacy 2020

To me, the two main tasks of a Council members are

  • Testify if a XEP suffices the basic requirements for being accepted as experimental
  • Testify if a XEP suffices the requirements for approval as Draft

In the past, XEPs sometimes were not accepts as experimental based on opinionated/subjective reasoning. In other cases, XEPs were accepted that did not even pass the very low bar set out at in XEP-0001. For me, to be accepted as Experimental, a ProtoXEP only need to pass these two criteria:

  • It should be possible to implement the protocol described in the XEP with little additional guidance (ignoring ambiguity or issues alike). This is in line with the intention from XEP-0001 to encourage implementations of experimental XEPs.
  • It should solve a problem that is not already solved equally well in a XEP with status Draft or Final. If it's not obvious which problem it solves, the problem must be outlined in the XEP itself. Personal opinions can be a valid problem description, as long as they are justified.

For the elevation to Draft status I understand "generally stable and appropriate for further field experience" from XEP-0001 such, that there should be at least two implementations of the latest version (not necessarily used a lot in the wild, but existing and tested for interoperability). I'd also like to ensure that we move things to Draft faster as well as to actually move things to Final if they become wildly implemented.