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Contact Info


This is my third application for Council, where I have served in 2017 and 2018. I have a progressive agenda to make XMPP suitable for the Instant Messaging of this decade (even if it's a bit late), especially on mobile devices.

I'm a client developer ( and a server operator of a mid-sized public server. I have experience with designing and implementing network protocols, and I've done some work on XEPs in the past (see below).

I usually have strong opinions. A clearly written and unambiguous specification is paramount to consistent implementations on the client and server side. XMPP has many corner cases caused by loosely written, imprecise specifications. These make debugging of user problems harder than needed (and often cause those problems in the first place). When elected to Council, I will work hard to reduce the number of these corner cases and to specify well-defined behaviors for those that can not be removed.


Improve Usability

Jabber (the IM ecosystem) needs many usability improvements. My ongoing activities in that regard are:

Fix the Multi-Client Story

There are many edge cases in setups where a user runs a mobile client plus a desktop client on the same account. Messages are still lost, different things get delivered to online clients and stored into MAM/offline storage, encryption fails, etc.

We need to evaluate our current situation with regards to the base protocol, how it is used, XEPs related to multi-client operations, etc. Then we need to make a clear mission statement for how we want the system to work in the future. Finally, we need to change our protocols in a way that doesn't break backward compatibility, while providing more robust support for modern use cases.

Topics to address:

Get Rid of Spam

XMPP spam is getting more and more prevalent. We have some obvious and some more complex tasks:

  • Improve default server setups to prevent IBR / mass-flooding: Jabber Spam Fighting Manifesto
  • Improve server admin contact Infos (use XEP-0157)
  • Improve detection and blocking of inbound spam messages / presence: Ask me about mod_firewall (prosody)

Past Contributions