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Week 2019-11-25/29: XSF online+offline

Mon 2019-11-25: call for content for the newsletter?

Tue 2019-11-26: Newsletter open process?

Wed 2019-11-26: SCAM sprints?

Thu 2019-11-26: XMPP on Social Media?

Fri 2019-11-26: Summit/FOSDEM

Week 2019-12-02/06: XMPP advantages

Mon 2019-12-02: e2e?

Tue 2019-12-03: archiving?

Wed 2019-12-04: push notifs?

Thu 2019-12-05: compliance?

Fri 2019-12-06: federation/decentralisation?

Sat 2019-12-07: IETF?