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Week 2019-11-18/22: software

Thu 2019-11-21: Gajim

Gajim has a new website, and a new series on its development.

"Oktober’s development brought improvements to MacOS, Jingle File Transfer, Delivery Receipts, and more. "

Fri 2019-11-22:Conversations

Conversations has been released in version 2.6.0

Introduce expert setting to perform channel discovery on local server instead of Enable delivery check marks by default and remove setting Enable ‘Send button indicates status’ by default and remove setting Move Backup and Foreground Service settings to main screen

Sat 2019-11-23: converse.js?

Sun 2019-11-24: xmpp.js?

Week 2019-11-25/29: XSF online+offline

Mon 2019-11-25: call for content for the newsletter?

Tue 2019-11-26: Newsletter open process?

Wed 2019-11-26: SCAM sprints?

Thu 2019-11-26: XMPP on Social Media?

Fri 2019-11-26: Summit/FOSDEM

Week 2019-12-02/06: XMPP advantages

Mon 2019-12-02: e2e?

Tue 2019-12-03: archiving?

Wed 2019-12-04: push notifs?

Thu 2019-12-05: compliance?

Fri 2019-12-06: federation/decentralisation?

Sat 2019-12-07: IETF?