Trần H. Trung Application 2023

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Family always comes first for Vietnamese, including our name.

My journey have been fun: self-taught magician, failed musician, I was trained as a designer which lead me to specialized in filmmaking. For now, I mostly script for both humans and machines.

Currently, I have no affiliation with any company.

To be clear: »»»» ««««

To be even clearer, I am raising funds for my film projects here: »»»» ««««


There is an XMPP public service under my immediate control:

My domain name was never meant to be a joke, but if you understand Vietnamese, I can't stop you from laughing.


This was written on 2022-12-11.

I actually heard about XMPP around the time Facebook was just out and about. But because no one around me was using it, my XMPP chat service only started around 7 months before this very moment.

Who knows what the future holds?


The school I was sent to was in the UK, which accounts for the exceptional quality of my grammar and spelling.

Currently, I am based in my chair, and my server is in the other room.



Regardless of the sensitivity of the data, if a message was meant for a particular individual, no other entity has the priviledge to access that particular data be it digital or physical or whatever medium that data is stored and delivered in.


As a designer, I have been using and breaking stuff both on client and server side. I do spam about them in various MUCs and not many have kicked me out yet. So I plan to do even more damage.

At the speed of a turtle, I am learning LUA and looking to add more sexy features & free bugs into Prosŏdy (at least for my own service). Depends how things go, I am also considering to write a client.

With some sort of official membership certificate|title|thing I think I might have a better chance to spread « XMPP » the universal standard for instant messaging.