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About Me

  • My name is Tim aka edhelas
  • I still live in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • I'm a IT engineer
  • I already took part in a couple of free software events in France and Switzerland (Journées du Logiciel Libre and Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre)

What about XMPP ?

Well, I'm the fondator of the Movim Project which principal aim is to build a full social network on top of the XMPP protocol. You can see the current state of the XMPP implementation in Movim.

Linked to this project I've also wrote a couple of other piece of code :

I've also helped to package the LWQQ library, a little libpurple transport library to the chinese QQ IM network.

Since 2014 I'm also packaging the SkypeWeb and Purple Line libraries for libpurple and work on their integrations with the Spectrum project. Theses packages can be found on apt.movim.eu.

I'm also working with Jérome Poisson (Goffi) from Salut à Toi and Sergey Dobrov to push forward some XEP like Pubsub, PEP, Bookmark (and many others) to make XMPP more "social" and fix some weird behaviors (some of them for Pubsub are listed on this page).


XMPP is now taking a big part of my conferences (see the one that I've done in Pas Sage en Seine in Paris in July 2015 and at the RMLL in August 2015).


I think that XMPP can be way more than a simple IM protocol and I'm convinced that we can built a full social network on top of it.

I convinced that we can use XMPP to replace IMAP/POP/SMTP or to build powerful app on mobile (like Conversation or Xabber on Android), all we have to do is to complete the implementations in our clients and servers and enjoy a wonderful, standardized and federated social-messaging network!


Email & JID : edhelas + at + movim + dot + eu