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About me


I am Tim Henkes, known as "Syndace", a student from Germany currently going for my masters degree in computer science. My passion is programming, but I'm also down for a bit of hardware hacking, server administrating or mathematical theory, especially cryptography. I run a little server with self-hosted open source alternatives to some proprietary mainstream services.

While I'm not hardcore into privacy, I still enjoy myself some good security, even if I just end up encrypting cat pictures with it :D

When huge hype is going on about a topic, I often develop an anti-reaction to that. Currently, when someone says "Bitcoin", "Golang" or "Rust", I usually try to change the topic or I just run away.

My connection to XMPP

Being quite unhappy about the state of mainstream messengers and the ongoing transformation to put everything into the cloud, XMPP caught my interest when a friend introduced me to it. Around two years ago I made the jump from just using XMPP to learning about it/joining and participating in the various MUCs and developing to improve it.

My "mission" is to improve OMEMO. I've spent a lot of my free time in the past year to write an OMEMO library from scratch which slowly creeps its way into the first bigger XMPP-related projects like Goffi's Salut à Toi or Slixmpp/poezio. At the Düsseldorf sprint in 2018 I started my work on a huge update to the OMEMO specification with the goal to fix the issues that practical use of OMEMO revealed over the past few years.

I could discuss different aspects of OMEMO all day long.

My experience over the last year in the XMPP community was very positive and I am optimistic that XMPP will continue it's current uptrend with all of the motivated members working on it.

I want to be a part of that.

Contact me

Jabber ID: tim@mailbox.bz

E-Mail Address: syndace@web.de or tim@cifg.io