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This page should be used to discuses the XEP's and implementation of XEP-0373: OpenPGP for XMPP


History of version of public key

Requesting Public Keys

Note that the result may contain multiple pubkey elements. Only the public keys found in the most recent item MUST be used. Requesters may want to limit the results to the most recent item using the 'max_items' attribute set to '1'.

Is it required to have a versions for the public key?

A public key can be changed for

  • Adding or removing UIDs
  • Adding or removing (revoke) Subkeys
  • Change the expiration date
  • Adding Key signatures

I think there is no need to provide a history.

Key-lookup / GnuPG's Keyring / Homedir

How should the Sender fetch the public key and where should it be stored?

  • The key-lookup can be done via a lookup of all known keys with the XMPP-URI as UID.
 sec   rsa3072 2020-05-01 [SC] [verfällt: 2022-05-01]
 uid        [ ultimativ ] Doctor Snuggles <doctor.snuggles@domain.tld>
 uid        [ ultimativ ] xmpp:doctor.snuggles@domain.tld
 ssb   rsa3072 2020-05-01 [E] [verfällt: 2022-05-01]

In this example there is a UID for the E-Mail and an additional UID with the XMPP-URI as Name (`gpg --quick-add-uid`). I guess, most of the time there user has just one key per account. It could be, that a user has one key for his Desktop and one key for his laptop. There is also the possibility - I didn't try yet - to create two subkeys [E] and have one key stored on the Desktop and one on the laptop.

 gpg --quick-add-key 7FA1EB8644BAC07E7F18E7C9F121E6A6F3A0C7A5 rsa3072 encr 2y
 sec   rsa3072 2020-05-01 [SC] [verfällt: 2022-05-01]
       7FA1 EB86 44BA C07E 7F18  E7C9 F121 E6A6 F3A0 C7A5
 uid        [ ultimativ ] Doctor Snuggles <doctor.snuggles@domain.tld>
 uid        [ ultimativ ] xmpp:doctor.snuggles@domain.tld
 ssb   rsa3072 2020-05-01 [E] [verfällt: 2022-05-01]
       AFBB 126C DC71 912E F5C0  F47D FC18 A7DA 7495 5B8A
 ssb   rsa3072 2020-06-02 [E] [verfällt: 2022-06-02]
       6C88 E0E5 3F69 A137 2F0F  A36A 3AED DD36 93E7 8BCE

There are two [E] subkeys.

  • We shouldn't care how the user receives the public key. This should be via Keyserver, WKD, E-Mail or XMPP PEP.

If I read a Mail via Mailinglist and get the public key via WKD, it would be also used for XMPP. Also, if I'm going to update the public keys. This is important for the WoT and to make sure that a key is valid, because of new Key signatures.

  • The user should be able to use his own key. For instance, if the user would like to use his OpenPGP Smartcard / Token for E-Mail and XMPP.
  • The user should be able to manage his public keys like all other keys GnuPG's `--update-trustdb`and `refresh-keys`
  • The user should be able to use WoT pgp or tofu

I think it will be better to use the same keyring and homedir like GnuPG us it.