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Links to important documents relating to Internet of Things and XMPP:

  • Main: Main page.
  • XEPs Explained: Description of xeps and their interaction. If you are new to XMPP & Internet of Things, you should read this.
  • IoT Examples: Mashup some examples from different industries, help finding new ones.
  • IoT Support: Here we describe who support this and related work that can help you.
  • IoT Interoperability: How we will keep everything truly interoperable.
  • IoT Security: This is one of the strongest benefit of using XMPP.
  • IoT XMPP Process: How is the process of the xep's and interoperability interfaces managed.
  • IoT Constrained Devices: Going in to the world of restricted devices we need special care.
  • IoT Local Environment: When dealing with home automation or a local network we need serverless or a local server configuration.
  • IoT Http over XMPP: This extension extends the web to include devices in XMPP networks.

The IoT world

The term Internet of Things has many definitions Wikipedia definition but one of the cornerstones in all views is the seemless interaction between people and things.

Making people to people communication working. Has been the focus for the XMPP protocol suite for many years and it has succeeded in making the communication open and controllable through the XSF foundation.

On the M2M machine to machine area nothing like XMPP has ever existed. We have seen several "If you all do like me" lonworksKNXzigbeez-wave What they all have in common is that they all have gateways to IP

The evolvement of wifi and initiatives as ipso-alliance and IPv6 together brings the revolution of connected devices and M2M.

The big problem is that they are all trapped in business silos covered by clouds with exploding number of different API's making it very hard to create interoperable inventive services without creating your own hardware.

Goals of this effort

In the same manor as XMPP silently has created people to people communication interoperable. We are aiming to make communication machine to people and machine to machine interoperable.

Many of the cennected devices are

Width the federation of xmpp servers closed services with defined business models are possible but it is also possible to open up sensors to be used in smart cities and wider.

The Swedish project is an example of this it spans the domestic business models alarms, heating, ventilation, to create smart energy services it will use this XMPP solution

XMPP strengths

  • Proven technology
  • Security
  • Efficient

XMPP weaknesses

  • Provisioning, things that cant answer friend requests.

IEEE/ISO/IEC "Sensei/IoT" related standardisation

The sensei/IoT ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 The Xeps defined in IoT will also be base for other standardisation

Sources and links

Xeps in experimental

xep-0322 Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format

xep-0323 Internet of Things - Sensor Data

xep-0324 Internet of Things - Provisioning

xep-0325 Internet of Things - Control

xep-0326 Internet of Things - Concentrators


Latest working material

Latest working material is put on Github as soon as available




Reference material and more to read