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 Main Main page
 IoT_XepsExplained Description of xeps and their interaction
 IoT_Examples Mashup some examples from different industries, help finding new ones
 IoT_Support Here we describe who support this and related work that can help you.
 IoT_Interoperability How we will keep everything truly interoperable
 IoT_XMPP_Process How is the process of the xep's and interoperability interfaces managed
 IoT_ConstrainedDevices Going in to the world of restricted devices we need special care.
 IoT_LocalEnvironment When dealing with home automation or a local network we need serverless or a local server configuration
 IoT_HttpOverXmpp This extension creates a view of webservices through the XMPP network


In all networks that combines information from different systems over business and technology borders the crucial thing is to get interoperability. And there is no other way to do this than creating specifications that adds the "common good practices" to make things speak the same language. The interoperability spec will be a moving target with constant elaboration to enable true interoperability between systems.

Some examples of interoperability

The problem is that to finance these organizations they must take a member fee and the certification processes is very costly for companies. This also implies that they need to be more or less closed (you have t

This initiative in the XSF must be free and open but yet create a defined way to

When working with open initiatives the only way for this to work is that it is free to join and doesn't cost a fortune to be compliant. And most importantly it is open specifications that is easy to find.

One obstacle is that the specifications must

Interoperability XSF working group

Creating interoperabilty is a crucial thing in the area of Internet of Things. Interoperability is needed on several layers and can either be forced in to specifications and required through certification processes.

We are therefore planning for a special working group in the XSF organisation that votes on the changes in the interface specifications.

This will involve a separate mailing list

Interface specification Process

Automatic test bed

To be interoperable and to verify functions testing is crucial therefore we intend to setup an interoperable testbed with a interoperable bot that you can connect to and run an interoperable test.

Other examples

In all technical protocols there are interoperability efforts unfortunately they often are to close to the physical protocol they are working with

  • ZigBee alliance Defining all layers of the OSI stack for wireless sensor networks and adding "profiles" for smart energy
  • Upnp Forum
  • dlna working group Specifications for printers, Tv sets to be interoperable
  • LonMark an initiative to standardize equipment connected to the lonworks communication system
  • BacNet
  • The Zigbee smart energy 3.0 and ZigBee IP this is one of the closest to actually leave the physical layer