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The goal here, is to rework the Tech pages at

XMPP Technologies

The following pages provide an introduction to various XMPP technologies, including links to specifications, implementations, tutorials, and special-purpose discussion venues. You may want to read the technology overview before diving into the details.

  • Core -- information about the core XMPP technologies for XML streaming
  • BOSH -- an HTTP binding for XMPP (and other) traffic
  • Jingle -- SIP-compatible multimedia signalling for voice, video, file transfer, and other applications
  • Multi-User Chat -- flexible, multi-party communication
  • PubSub -- alerts and notifications for data syndication, rich presence, and more

New tech pages

To be worked:

  • Reliability -- AMP, message receipts, stream management, Ping, keepalive, etc.
  • Privacy -- presence subscriptions, privacy lists, simple communication blocking, etc.
  • Admin -- DNS SRV, certificates, etc.
  • Disco -- what is this "disco" thing?