Summer of Code 2006

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Here are some project ideas for the Summer of Code 2006 ...

Distributed monitoring of the Jabber network

(proposed by Lucas Nussbaum -

The Jabber network isn't really known for its reliability, and administrators don't always have the necessary tools to monitor their server correctly. The data provided by is not enough. The goal of this project is to build a testing framework to be able to monitor the public servers and answer those questions :

  • do client connections using SASL, TLS or SSL currently work on server S1 ?
  • do server-to-server works between server S1 and S2 (by exchanging ping messages) ?

This would allow to build a more detailed status of the Jabber network. Additionally, it would be nice to be able to add a contact email, so the administrator can get informed of his server's problems.

(addendum by user:Stpeter)

Integrating this into the XMPP Federation database and website would be super.

Jabber authentication to CMS and blogs

(proposed by user:Halr9000)

See my XMPP and CMS post on the topic.

ejabberd features

(proposed by user:Stpeter)

It would be great if the ejabberd server (written in Erlang) supported the HTTP Binding and also the latest version of Publish-Subscribe -- any others?

(proposed by user:mremond)

File transfer proxy integration in ejabberd (