Summer of Code 2005

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The Jabber Software Foundation is proud to participate in Google's Summer of Code. (See for background information.)


2005-07-05: Projects have been chosen and posted on this page. Look for updates throughout the summer.


DBus Transport Layer

Goal: Ease the integration of XMPP into existing applications by providing a unified way to send arbitrary (but valid) stanzas via the DBus IPC protocol using only one resource and connection to the Jabber server.

Student: Jakub Piotr Cłapa

Shockwave Lingo Library

Goal: Create a library for Jabber/XMPP development in in Lingo, the Macromedia Shockwave Script language.

Student: Samuel Shoji Fukujima Goto Improvements

Goal: Add support for privacy lists, delayed delivery, non-SASL authentication, private XML storage, vCards, and several other features to the server.

Student: Cheng-En Pang

Gloox Library

Goal: Help the gloox C++ library to full XMPP compliance and add Publish-Subscribe support.

Student: Jakob Schröter

XMPP/JADE Integration

Goal: Develop a new XMPP-based Message Transport Protocol for the Java Agent Development framework.

Student: Shawn Drost

Piorun Client

Goal: Develop a strong code foundation for a Gnome Jabber client using Mono, C#, and Gnome#.

Student: Dominik Zabłotny

Jive Messenger Security Enhancements

Goal: Add support for SASL and TLS (as defined in RFC 3920) to Jive Messenger.

Student: Hao Chen

Compliance Testing Project

Goal: Develop the basis for a Java-based XMPP compliance platform for testing both servers and clients.

Student: Johan van Overbeeke

Ruby Code Library

Goal: Develop a clean Ruby library that implements the XMPP specifications.

Student: Yuki Mitsui

HTTP Jabber Interface

Goal: Develop a PHP-based implementation of JEP-0124 and JEP-0025 for improved integration between web applications and XMPP.

Student: John Jimmy Dondapati