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This website lists some Services IM services at which end users can create accounts. An "IM service" is basically a specific deployment of Jabber services at a particular domain (e.g., To protect end users from unreliable services, the [[Team | Team] must approve all additions to the list, in accordance with the IM services policy.

To have your IM service added to the list, please make sure that your service allows end users to register new accounts (either in-band or via the web) and send the following information to the email address "verification @":

  • The domain name for your service (e.g., "")
  • The SSL-only port for client-to-server communications (typically "5223")
  • The preferred contact information for the service admin, including name, email address, JabberID, and telephone number. (NOTE: We respect your privacy and will not reveal any of this information!)
  • The approximate latitude and longitude of the machine hosting the service (used in providing service lists to end users). A nice site for lookup your geolocation is here
  • The server software you use (e.g., "ejabberd")
  • A small description of your server for