Stephan Maka Application 2010

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Quake (Yes, it's using XMPP :-)

Activities in 2009

I'm currently affiliated with famous Superfeedr, delivering feed updates via XMPP. While my work is mostly backend-related, I do small visible things from time to time, like Information Superhighway. It makes me very proud to finally be among the industrial users of XEP-0060.

I did a tech-oriented introductory Podcast on XMPP. Check it out if you understand German.

I love code and got a lot of ideas what could be done with existing XMPP technologies. Please understand that time is the issue here. I have a very bad conscience about catching up on the standards lists too seldom. I really want to change that, like every year.

Still want to vote no on me? Please see my past (re-)applications: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006