Stephan Maka Application 2008

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About me

I'm still a student, still maintainer of XMPP4R, still active spreading the word for Jabber. My JID is For more information see my previous applications: 2006, 2007.

The past year

I must admit that I didn't focus on Jabber last year. Nevertheless, I still gave support to both users and administrators, held a small presentation on the state of encryption, learned Erlang to understand ejabberd and did minor contributions to XMPP4R.

I'm especially proud of Vojtěch Vobr's Jabber Disk component which is based on my code. This a real killer-app.


As Lucas Nussbaum already mentioned I did not spent enough time on XMPP4R. This has to change. It is urgent to bring it to a stable state again and care about the features fellow developers contributed. As with the past years, I still have ideas of interesting things that can be done with a decentralized IM system. I only need a bit more free time.

My original intentions were that I wanted to contribute to the standards process. Unfortunately I've never gotten around doing that. I should be watching the lists more often.