Stephan Maka Application 2006

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Jabber code

  • Contribution to XMPP4R, pretty much recent:
    • Multi-User Chat implementation
    • File-Transfer (and SOCKS5 and In-Band Bytestreams) implementation
  • JabberHole is a user-scriptable XMPP proxy (can be extended by Ruby-scripts which modify incoming and outgoing stanzas)
  • A couple of XMPP4R examples, which may be beyond basic IM programming:
    • A MUC client with Gtk+ GUI (gtkmucclient.rb, Screenshots)
    • A very minimal MUC component implementation, lacking all features (minimuc.rb)
    • Roster Discovery exposes the user's roster (with groups) to Service Discovery
    • XMPPing can be used to query a target JID periodically
    • A basic adventure component, representing a MUC in which a user can walk from place to place, meet non-player characters and talk to other players at the same place (Screenshots)
  • Unreleased and unfinished stuff:
    • A Jabber client to be used over WAP
    • An extendable service-watching component
    • A component for the Pentabarf conference-planning system
    • A component which lets users subscribe to bus/tram stations of Dresden, displaying when the next bus/tram arrives