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Starting March 12 2020, the XSF sponsors events that fit certain requirements.


Money given by the XSF as sponsorship for a sprint shall be used for food and/or beverages.

The amount is 15EUR per person for the whole event for a maximum of ~100-150EUR (or equivalent depending on the country / currency).


Your event meets the requirements to be sponsored if:

  • The topic(s) is XMPP-related.
  • It is public and with no entry fee. Limited seats / RSVP are fine.
  • It is an event aimed at “contributors” of the protocol or XMPP implementations (e.g., developers, translators, documentarians, protocol designers).

Who to Contact

To get your event sponsored once you meet the above requirements, you should reach out. We have setup a wiki page with contact details. You can also contact SCAM. Make sure your request gets on the agenda. You do not need to be an XSF member.

Because you fill the requirements doesn't always mean we will be able to support you.

SCAM will deliberate on a regular basis, and depending on the number of requests, budget, etc., we might grant to one and not the other (or none at all). In any case, do not hesitate to ask again for a later event!

Keep your receipts (or some kind of proof) and expense to us the amount spent up to what has been allocated.

Communicate about it!


Once you have gathered some basic information about your event (date, location, etc.), publish it on the wiki so that people can learn about it. The XSF might also link that from their website directly.

During: Build the hype! If you are on social media platforms, maybe put them to use.


Communicating on what you did is important mostly for two things:

  • Ensure the community knows about your work. Make sure people can build upon what you have done.
  • Show people outside of our sphere that things are happening.

This is usually done by publishing what you have done (possibly work-in-progress), sending your questions and/or summary of what has been discussed to the list. etc. We also strongly encourage you to write an article about it.