Sprints/2022 July Gruenstadt

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Date and Time

9, 10 July 2022


The sprint is being coordinated in the invite-only room xmpp:omemo@conference.conversations.im?join

The receive an invite, contact xmpp:jc@opkode.com?message


This sprint takes place in Grünstadt, in a German wine region.

Given that the sprint is held at someone's house, the specific address is not shared here. Please ask in the MUC xmpp:omemo@conference.conversations.im?join

How to get there

The closest train station is Grünstadt main station. From there one could either take a bus to Sausenheim, or we can organise that you be picked up by car.


  • There are 2 double beds and two single beds in the house. First come first serve.
  • Weingut Otto Grün Wine farm with accommodation farm 100 meters from the venue.
  • Weingut Gaul Wine farm a bit further away, but still walking distance.

Any other accommodation in the village of Sausenheim will be within walking distance of the sprint.