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The (in-person) event has been cancelled due to the current pandemic! The event will be held online. See Venue

Berlin Online Sprint 2020

Dates and Times

Thursday, March 26th - Sunday, March 29th 2020


Join us in the chatroom: xmpp:xmpp-sprint@chat.cluxia.eu?join

Also accessible via https://chat.cluxia.eu/anon/#xmpp-sprint


At your home or in your office! This is an online sprint!

It will happen mainly in the MUC xmpp:xmpp-sprint@chat.cluxia.eu?join

and via different audio/video platforms, that will be announced spontaneously in the MUC.

Travel reimbursements

For those, who booked their travel before the sprint was turned into an online one: You might get some compensation. Talk to Tim! mailto:digital@dbjr.de or xmpp:tim.schrock@chat.dbjr.org now.


Name (optional) Nickname Sprint project(s) Th pm Fr am Fr pm Sa am Sa pm Su am comments
Fabian Sauter COM8 UWPX Push (probably) online
Andrzej Wójcik Hantu.sc BeagleIM/SiskinIM (OMEMO, MIX)
Martin debacle Debian stuff ?
Sonny Piers sonny xmpp.js / TBD
Tim Henkes Syndace omemo:1 will arrive on thursday around 12am
Linus lnj Kaidan, stuff
Melvin melvo Kaidan, MIX, OMEMO, stuff
Jonah jbb Kaidan, stuff
Robert zatrox Kaidan, stuff
Paul Schaub vanitasvitae Smack, OMEMO
- Pep. ??
Eddie emus Onboarding list for Kaidan & misc. ✓? ✓?
cacahuete GLib Windows notifications, account migration, Kaidan On Thursday and Friday, I will only be there in the evenings
Marvin W. larma tbd, omemo:1 for Dino
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Link Mauve Tbd, probably something in Prosody. Yes, from Wednesday even.
Jérôme Poisson Goffi Salut à Toi, OMEMO, Debian packaging Participating to the online sprint, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (maybe not full time)