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| Andrzej Wójcik
| Andrzej Wójcik
| Hantu.sc
| Hantu.sc
| BeagleIM/SiskinIM/Tigase interoperability
| BeagleIM/SiskinIM (OMEMO, MIX)
| no
| no
| yes

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Dates and Times

Thursday, March 26th - Sunday, March 29th 2020

Note: Thursday and Friday are unofficial days with only one smaller room available.


Join us in the chatroom: xmpp:xmpp-sprint@chat.cluxia.eu?join

Also accessible via https://chat.cluxia.eu/anon/#xmpp-sprint


Mühlendamm 3
DE-10178 Berlin


Less than 1/2 km from Alexanderplatz which can be reached via:

  • tube U2, U5, U8
  • S-trains S3, S5, S7, S9
  • regional trains RB14, RE1, RE2, RE7
  • tram M2, M4, M5, M6

ground floor

  • one large room (32 people)
  • one small room (8 people)
  • nice kitchen for coffee and more


Hotel Address (distance to venue) Room prices (Thu-Sun, 1p / 2p per room)
Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz Grunerstraße 11, 10179 Berlin (600m) 250 € / 300 €
B&B Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz Voltairestraße 3a, 10179 Berlin (650m) 180 € / 200 €
The Student Hotel Berlin Alexanderstraße 40, 10179 Berlin (900m) 250 € / 250 €


Name (optional) Nickname Sprint project(s) booked participating on Thursday comments
Daniel Gultsch iNPUTmice yes yes. From around noon. Not going to arrive on Day 0 this time.
Fabian Sauter COM8 UWPX Push (probably) yes Will arrive on Thursday evening
Andrzej Wójcik Hantu.sc BeagleIM/SiskinIM (OMEMO, MIX) no yes
Martin debacle Debian stuff yes
Sonny Piers sonny xmpp.js / TBD local
Tim Henkes Syndace OMEMO:2 yes will arrive on thursday around 12am
Linus lnj Kaidan, stuff local
Melvin melvo Kaidan, MIX, OMEMO, stuff local
Jonah jbb Kaidan, stuff local
Robert zatrox Kaidan, stuff local
Paul Schaub vanitasvitae Smack, OMEMO yes
- Pep. ?? Still need transportation Likely
Eddie emus Onboarding list for Kaidan & misc. tba
Christian Schneppe Chris Pix-Art Messenger local earliest from 28th
cacahuete GLib Windows notifications, account migration, Kaidan yes See comment On Thursday and Friday, I will only be there in the evenings
Marvin W. larma tbd, omemo:1 for Dino no tbd