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| Melvin Keskin
| Melvin Keskin
| melvo
| melvo
| Automatic Trust Transfer (ATT)
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Dates and Times

On Friday, 29th, Saturday, 30th, and Sunday, 31st of March 2019 we're holding an XMPP sprint in Berlin, Germany.
Meeting will start on Friday at 18:00 hrs and end on Sunday in the afternoon (TBD).
Tim will be there from 15:00 hrs on, so you can drop your baggage.


Join us in the chatroom: xmpp:xmpp-sprint@chat.cluxia.eu?join

Also accessible via https://chat.cluxia.eu/anon/#xmpp-sprint


Mühlendamm 3
DE-10178 Berlin


Less than 1/2 km from Alexanderplatz which can be reached via:

  • tube U2, U5, U8
  • S-trains S3, S5, S7, S9
  • regional trains RB14, RE1, RE2, RE7
  • tram M2, M4, M5, M6

ground floor

  • one large room (32 people)
  • one small room (8 people)
  • nice kitchen for coffee and more



Write down here your handle and what you're planning on working on.

See also our Etherpad.


Name (optional) Nickname Sprint project(s) 29 30 31 booked? comments
Daniel Gultsch iNPUTmice Depending on who’s coming. MUC Push, References (Mentions in MUCs), MIX y y y booked my train tickets
Holger Weiß Holger ejabberd (maybe MUC-Push)  ? n y local
Martin debacle maybe OMEMO interoperability tests, maybe Debianisation y y y local
Jérôme goffi Salut à Toi (code forge or something else) y y y no looking for place to stay, may stay at some friend place.
Linus Jahn LNJ Kaidan, MIX  ? y y local
segal y y y local
Melvin Keskin melvo Automatic Trust Transfer (ATT) y y y local
Germán Márquez Mejía mancho / manchito n y y local
skyfar Cooking coffee and becoming an XMPP developer ;) y y y local
patrik y y y local
Philipp Hörist lovetox Gajim y y y yes
Paul Schaub vanitasvitae Smack  ? y y local
Tim Henkes Syndace Anything, maybe documentation y y y local
JC Brand jcbrand Converse.js: Encryption of http uploaded files sent with OMEMO no I'm not 100% sure that I'll be able to attend, but will try
Seve Ferrer Seve (sometimes SouL) Probably Spoilers y y y y
Xavi Ferrer Probably Spoilers y y y y
Jonah Brüchert JBB Kaidan y y y local


None yet.