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= XMPP Summit 15 =

The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 15th XMPP Summit on January 30+31 2014 the days before [[FOSDEM_2014|FOSDEM 2014]].

If you would like to participate in the Summit, please join the [ discussion list] and post with your participation request. Space is not infinite, but we will try to accommodate all requests.

= Agenda =

Possible topics:

* Joachim Lindborg: IoT extensions currently in experimental. Discussion on the possibilities of IoT and XMPP other technologies and the opportunity for the XMPP community.
* WebRTC (status etc -- fippo: can do)?
* Google summer of code, what when who
* Interoptesting
* MAM search
* MUC 227
* Remote Conferencing with XMPP: High level discussion on what we have, with reference to the IETF's VMeet work.
* Akari Harada and Yusuke Doi: Progress report on XEP-0322 and its appications
* Security - list the current weaknesses and then discuss DNSSEC, security test days and securing s2s
* XMPP in the browser - Update on projects to bring XMPP to the browser started last year (xmpp-ftw/
* How about the agenda with UPNP and their cloud project involving XMPP (and us as liaisons)
* 10 minute update on the work on the new website (second day if possible)

= Short Talks and General Updates =

Please post to the list if you would like to volunteer. Here are some possibilities:

* Joachim Lindborg: Hands on session with XMPP IoT devices try some XEP_0323 and 325 senosoring equipment
* Steffen Larssen: TV/Media and XMPP: The possibilities. How to do second screen, remote logging etc.


Unlike previous years, there will not be a Jabber/XMPP developer room at FOSDEM. However, we ''will'' have the Realtime Lounge, together with Jitsi. See [[FOSDEM_2014|FOSDEM 2014]] for details.

= Participants =

The following people plan to be there in person:
(H) means checkin on checkout on

* Abmar Barros (H - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)
* Dave Cridland (H)
* Yusuke DOI
* Rodrigo Duarte (H - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)
* Laura Gill (H) (summit only)
* Philipp Hancke (H)
* Akari Harada
* Martin Hewitt (H) (Non-XSF Surevine - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)
* Joe Hildebrand (H - Wed-Mon)
* Steffen Larsen (H)
* Joachim Lindborg (H)
* Adam Linford
* Richard Maudsley (H, summit-only) (Isode)
* Spencer MacDonald
* Ralph Meijer (H)
* Edwin Mons (H)
* Nobuo Ogashiwa
* Michal Piotrowski (H)
* Jonathan Schleifer
* Will Sheward (H, Fri-Sun)
* Kevin Smith (H)
* Lance Stout (H - Wed-Mon)
* Stefan Strigler (H)
* Mike Taylor (bear) (H)
* Simon Tennant (H - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)
* Winfried Tilanus (H)
* Remko Tronçon (Thu)
* Giacomo Vacca
* Mili Verma (H) (Isode)
* Ashley Ward (H)
* Lloyd Watkin (H - Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun)
* Matthew Wild (H)
* Paul Witty (H) (leaving Saturday morning)
* Florian Zeitz

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

* Sergey Dobrov
* Valérian Saliou

Please keep the list sorted (on last name) when adding people.

= XSF Dinner =

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants on Saturday, February 1st 2014. XSF members attend for free and are allowed to bring one guest.

=== Venue ===
[ L'Auberge Bretonne]
* 670 Brusselsesteenweg
* Overijse 3090, Belgium

=== Sponsors ===
The following organizations and individuals have stepped up to sponsor the dinner:

* [ &Yet] : €1,000
* Your name here! Contact Dave Cridland or any other member of the XSF Board!

= Logistics =

== Venue ==
The Summit will be held at Cisco Systems Belgium's offices in [,+Diegem&ll=50.886805,4.448583&spn=0.002562,0.003691&hq=Cisco,+Diegem&radius=15000&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6 Diegem] (just outside Brussels and accessible via local train from the city center).

Address: De Kleetlaan 6/B, 1831, Belgium.

== Hotel Booking ==

We got a block of rooms reserved at the Aloft Hotel - [ book here]

[ Aloft Brussels Schuman]
* Place Jean Rey, Brussels 1040 Belgium
* Phone: (32)(2) 800 0888
* Fax: (32)(2) 645 6777

= Remote Participation =

We will use the [] chatroom for coordination and Google Hangouts with a YouTube broadcast for sharing audio and video. The Hangout is limited to 9 participants, so please join the Hangout only if you plan to ask questions or otherwise be actively involved in the voice and video aspects of the conversation.

= GPG key signing =
During the summit there will be the possibility to sign each others GPG keys. If you want to have your keys signed, please take along:
* Key printouts with the following:
** your first name and last name
** the e-mail adresses and other id's you would like to have signed
** the key-id and encryption method (eg: 4096R/1A2B3C4D)
** key fingerprint (visible with: gpg -v --fingerprint 1A2B3C4D)
* Some official ID with photo (e.g. Passport or drivers license)
Prepared like this, it should not take more then 15 minutes to cross-sign the keys of everybody who is interested.
More info can be found at: [ Debian Wiki on Keysigning]. Some handy scripts for making mass-signing more easy can be found in the [ Signing party Debian package].

Here are the people who plan to participate:

* [ Mike Taylor] 4096R/8EE5B4D8 0A93 9BA7 8203 FCBC 58A9 E8B5 9D1E 0661 8EE5 B4D8
* Winfried Tilanus 4096R/62D66B3D 1292 1E01 F404 9F0B 04A3 489C 6E62 0C65 62D6 6B3D
* Kevin Smith 4096R/2081A380 1431 FBAC 8E49 AA68 5542 20DA 6DAF E1C1 2081 A380
* Edwin Mons 4096R/E623BFD2 62C4 81BC C19D DAF9 B776 6F07 BA29 DCD9 E623 BFD2
* Ralph Meijer 4096R/4AB71678 D5BF 034A D323 56B5 FCB1 A476 D91A D42A 4AB7 1678
* Remko Tronçon 8192R/3F4B0D61 E00B 5436 4600 75B9 05D1 C7BE F01E 29A2 3F4B 0D61


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