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* [http://prezi.com/esosntqhewhs/iot-xmpp/ IoT & XMPP]
* [http://prezi.com/esosntqhewhs/iot-xmpp/ IoT & XMPP]

Some papers I've written concerning XMPP:

* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Securing%20the%20Life%20Cycle%20of%20Things%20in%20the%20IoT%20using%20Thing%20Registries.pdf Securing the Life Cycle of Things in the Internet of
Things using Thing Registries]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Security%20in%20IoT%20using%20Delegation%20of%20Trust%20to%20a%20Provisioning%20Server.pdf Security in Internet of Things using Delegation of Trust
to a Provisioning Server]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Bridging%20MQTT%20&%20XMPP%20networks.pdf Bridging MQTT & XMPP Internet of Things networks]
* [https://www.thingk.me/Provisioning/Papers/Extending%20the%20Semantic%20Web%20to%20P2P%20XMPP%20Networks.pdf Extending the Semantic Web to Peer-to-Peer-Like Sensor
Networks Based on XMPP]

== Purpose for re-applying ==
== Purpose for re-applying ==


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