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=== Events ===
=== Events ===
As usual in this period of the year, the community of protocol makers united in the XMPP Summit. Two days of sharing and building the future of XMPP. This year has been productive, we covered various subjects such as:
# XMPP Shortage Audit
# Easy Passwordless Onboarding and Account Management
# Account Rich Presence in PEP
# End-to-End Encryption Key Management
# Palaver IM Client
# Why Push Notifications are not good enough?
# MIX when?
# commTeam ("Lightning talk")
# Inbox / Unread / Bind2
# XMPP as mandatory standard? (Lightning talk)
# Stickers
# XHTML-IM2 / Rich markup
We will probably cover all these in more depth next month.

=== Software releases ===
=== Software releases ===


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