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* ''Your topic here - add your name please!''
* ''Your topic here - add your name please!''
* In-client, unified, public MUC search (not disco) - Nÿco
** I need a search engine in my clients/apps, for public MUCs across the whole open/public/federated network
** Like search.jabber.network, but NOT on the web, rather in XMPP apps/clients
* MAM search  - Nÿco
** I need to search ALL my old messages and conversations, whether one-to-one or MUC
** I believe this is what is addressed in https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/fulltext.html
** Note: see how Matrix does a client-side feature, with distributed aspects
* Opt-in server metrics report - Nÿco
** All public and federated servers should report some stats/metrics/analytics
** Users counts and number of servers is a start, maybe more data is useful, like messages counts
** It has to be opt-out but let the debate happen
** Like https://the-federation.info/
* Basic C2S feature over REST-like API (HTTP/JSON) - Nÿco
** Some XMPP features can be made available over REST-like APIs
** QuickBlox, Tigase, MongooseIM do this, developers appreciate that
* User-friendly OMEMO key management - Nÿco
** Yes, I've changed my client/app/device, so what?
** Yes, I've added a new client/app/device, so what?
** Wait, what are... keys? How should I do with them?
** Oh no, again, another something is encrypted and I can't decrypt it
* Multiclient presenceless MUC - Nÿco
** When I join a channel, I'm in, period. Whatever the connectivity, whatever the client
** And I'll stay until I explicitly and manually and consciously leave
** MUC light, MUC/sub, Xabber's approach seem all good, more or less
** Even something close to bouncers like IRC could fit
** MIX is overkill, several years long process, with no serious implementation so far
** It has just to happen yesterday, we are late

= Summit Participants =
= Summit Participants =


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