Solarius Application 2008

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Agesoon 20
Homepage ville.solarius(at)
Using JabberAlmost 2 years

Generally about myself and Jabber

I am almost 20 years old Finnish Jabber user, keen to free software, I work as software engineer for a embeded system manufacturer, my job is to customize Linux and other software, main priority is my school, which I just started, hopefully graduating in 3 years as B.Sc. I am finnish lead translator of and and I am also the proud owner of I am currently admin in jdev@ and jabber@ rooms, I have also content admin priveledges in I am going to be in FOSDEM'08 and be in the Booth, and also going to keep speech about "User bleg"-extension proposal and E-mail integration in XMPP.

Work in free software community in Finland

For few years, I have been working for Free Software in Finland, I mostly do translations and other community tasks, but I also do code, I have been participating for DirectNet-project, which is Peer to Peer instant messenger. I have done a RSS-reader Jabber bot Gnuutinen. Which is not currently 100% online because of lack of server computer.

Why am I applying?

I am applying because I would like to do something for Jabber and XMPP, because they have done much for me. And also, prepaid hotel room is not a invalid argument ;)

About my anonimity

No, I am not a serial killer, I don't hate my real name, I am not a spy, and no, I will not steal your beer from your Fridge. There is two strong reason, why I am using a pseudonym instead my real name: first is the freedom of speech, which should, in my opinion, give freedom to be "anonymous" (since I have somekind of identity in the net, I am not concidering myself anonymous anymore) and second I dont feel confortable to know, that my personal and private information would be in hands of few billion people. But I am going to FOSDEM this year, And I will show my passport to anyone inside XSF who is willing to see it. It haven't been a problem to GNU and FSFEurope to give me r/w for their webpages, without my real name. And I sure hope it will not be a problem here. And while I have been hanging in finnish demoscene, I have learn that real name does not matter at all, what really matters is what do you do.