Simon Tennant for Board 2013

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I'm Simon Tennant and I'm applying to serve the XMPP board in Oct 2013

Contact Info

Past Contributions

  • used, advocated, developed with XMPP
  • critical of XMPP's focus on technology rather than solutions


  • find ways to focus on solutions, that help developer. And *only then* the standards that we need to develop to support developers.
  • part of this solutions focus will be better marketing
  • and a big focus will be to find stronger solutions for web developerment (eg xmpp-ftw) and create "recipees" for developers that involve XMPP
  • I'll also be pushing the community to focus more on the [misleading] "xmpp is for chat" mantra that misleads many to miss the true strengths of XMPP
  • and update the website to reflect the strength of XMPP "xmpp powers anything realtime"
  • Other work I'd like to do is champion all sites running with 100% encrypted s2s
  • to do that, at buddycloud we have been developing ( that can be adapted to also do s2s cert checking

I'm excited about the future of XMPP. But we have to get better about blowing our own trumpet and that's something that I'd like to help with in an XMPP board position.